About Melbourne Traditionalists

Melbourne Traditionalists began as a suburban group called Eltham Traditionalists, the first traditionalist group organised here in Australia and one of the first in the world.

Our aims are to promote a traditionalist politics in Australia and to provide a meeting point for traditionalists in Melbourne.

To that end, we meet regularly for dinner and drinks, and lively political discussion, in a meeting room at a hotel. We are also holding our first conference later this year.

We are not a formal political party, and so do not have office holders, or keep official membership lists, or charge for membership. Nor are our meetings publicly advertised. Those interested in attending should contact one of the conveners via our contact page.

We prefer if those attending are sympathetic to the key political positions held by traditionalists. If you are not sure about these, you could read the "About traditionalism" page or the "Guiding principles". You could also read some of the websites or books listed on the "Further reading" page.

If you are part of the dissident right, but not sure about traditionalism, you could also consider attending a meeting of the Melbourne Right Forum, which is advertised here.

Those who come along to our meetings often express great relief at having finally found a place to freely express their political beliefs. The atmosphere is usually a fun, friendly and lively one, with the added benefit of getting to know people in real life, rather than reading social media alone.

We strongly encourage anyone interested to read through some of the materials and to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!