The Melbourne Right Forum

Although the main aim of the Melbourne Traditionalists is to build up our own group, we recognise that there is also a need for a meeting point for those who identify more broadly with the dissident right. 

For that reason we have established the Melbourne Right Forum. The forum will run as follows:

1. It is open to anyone who is sympathetic to the broader dissident right. You do not need to identify specifically with traditionalism to attend events.

2. It is aimed at providing the opportunity for real life meet ups and discussions. There is a considerable benefit to being able to meet up with people in real life, rather than being limited to social media.

3. Meetings will be held every two months. Meetings will be private and not publicly advertised. Those interested need to submit an email address to one of the contact addresses listed here

4. For the time being, meetings will take the form of dinner and drinks at a hotel. It is possible that a more formal meeting format will be introduced if numbers grow.

5. There is no formal membership, or membership lists, or office holders. The purpose is to provide a forum for people to meet up and to discuss politics.

We encourage anyone interested to get in touch and to come along!